1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.

Previous winners


Winner(Country) Production Award
Uta Gruber-Ballehr (Germany) Così fan tutte Professional Designer/ Set Design/ Gold
Man-Tung Tsang 曾文通 (Hong Kong) Storm Clouds Professional Designer/ Set Design/ Silver
Lukas Noll (Germany) By the Bog of Cats Professional Designer/ Set Design/ Bronze
Jesus Hernandez (Mexico) PSICOEMBUTIDOS Professional Designer/ Space Design/ Gold
Becky Minto (UK) The 306: Dawn Professional Designer/ Space Design/ Silver
Shizuka Hariu (Japan) Solid Traces Professional Designer/ Space Design/ Bronze
Cheng-Wei Teng 鄧振威 (Taiwan) Serenade Professional Designer/ Lighting Design/ Gold
Zhengping Zhou 周正平 (China) The Peony Pavilion Professional Designer/ Lighting Design/ Silver
Chihheng Chuang 莊知恆 (Taiwan) Visible and Invisible Professional Designer/ Lighting Design/ Bronze
Wen Bao Qin 秦文寶 (China) Xiuqiuji Professional Designer/ Costume Design/ Gold
Gino Gonzales (Philippines) Hakbang sa Hakbang (Measure for Measure) Professional Designer/ Costume Design/ Silver
Simona Rybakova (Czech Republic) 3+1 LOVE Professional Designer/ Costume Design/ Bronze
Pao Shan Liu 劉柏珊/Qing Hua Wu 吳青樺/Shih Chi Wang 王詩琪/SzeNung Huang 黃思農/Tao Chiang 蔣韜/Ting Wei Huang 黃亭瑋/Yen Ting Tseng 曾彥婷/Yin Chen Cheng 鄭尹真/Wen Chun Chang 張亟米/Yuan Wen Huang 黃緣文 (Taiwan) Götterdämmerung Professional Designer/ Sound Design/ Gold
Curtis Craig (USA) All the Way Professional Designer/ Sound Design/ Silver
Yung-Ta Chang 張永達 (Taiwan) W.A.V.E. Professional Designer/ Sound Design/ Bronze
Zhigang Wang 王之綱 (China) Luxor in Reflection Professional Designer/ Projection and Multi-Media Design/ Gold
Yei-Sheng Wang 王奕盛 (Taiwan) 13 Tongues Professional Designer/ Projection and Multi-Media Design/ Silver
Daniel Belton (New Zealand) ONEONE Professional Designer/ Projection and Multi-Media Design/ Bronze
Yung-Ta Chang 張永達/ Wen Chi Su 蘇文琪 (Taiwan) W.A.V.E. Professional Designer/ Alternative/ Gold
David Shearing (UK) THE WEATHER MACHINE Professional Designer/ Alternative/ Silver
Gloria Carrasco A (Mexico) Chinese Box Professional Designer/ Alternative/ Bronze
Agata Skwarczyńska (Poland) The Leper. A Melodrama Professional Designer/ Performance Design/ Gold
Zeen Tan (China) A Wonderful Day Professional Designer/ Performance Design/ Silver
Conor Murphy (Ireland) Orphée et Eurydice Professional Designer/ Performance Design/ Bronze
Josafath Reynoso (Mexico) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Emerging Designer/ Set Design/ Gold
Tina Torbey (Lebanon) CABARET Emerging Designer/ Set Design/ Silver
David Molina Garza (Mexico) Dialogues des Carmélites Emerging Designer/ Set Design/ Bronze
Awards Kept from Jury Emerging Designer/ Space Design
Chin-Ting Lan藍靖婷 (Taiwan) Six Characters in search of an author Emerging Designer/ Lighting Design/ Gold
Chao-Yu Tsai 蔡詔羽 (Taiwan) Rhinoceros Emerging Designer/ Lighting Design/ Silver
Hsia-Ning Wu 吳峽寧 (Taiwan) All He Said To Him Emerging Designer/ Lighting Design/ Bronze
Yu-Jung Shen沈毓融 (Taiwan) Pool(no water) Emerging Designer/ Costume Design/ Gold
Daphne Karstens (Netherlands) PING Emerging Designer/ Costume Design/ Silver
Andrea Pacheco (Mexico) Blue Bird Emerging Designer/ Costume Design/ Bronze
Zepur Agopyan (Armenia) Contendō Emerging Designer/ Costume Design/ Bronze
Rodrigo Cortes (Mexico) 3 catastrophes I happily Survived Emerging Designer/ Performance Design/ Gold
Zsofia Berczi (Hungary) Becoming Butterfly - Conspiracy Emerging Designer/ Performance Design/ Silver
Clare McGarrigle (UK) Two Truths Are Told Emerging Designer/ Performance Design/ Bronze


Winner(Country) Production Award
Sophie Jump (UK) Like A Fish Out Of Water Exceptional Achievement across all categories/Gold
Ulla Kassius (Sweden) Backa Theatre Exceptional Achievement across all categories/Silver
Conor Murphy (Ireland) Labyrinth Of Love Exceptional Achievement across all categories/Bronze
Jamie Vartan (UK) Misterman Set Design
Lukas Noll (Germany) The Master Builder Set Design/Shortlist
Xing-Lin Liu (China) Wilderness Set Design/Shortlist
Simona Rybáková (Czech Republic) Air - Alien - Mucha´S Epic Costume Design
Marja Uusitalo (Finland) Pyörteitä (Whirls) Contemporary Dance In Three Acts Costume Design/Shortlist
Natalya Kolosowsky (USA) Rusalki Costume Design/Shortlist
Xóchitl González Quintanilla (Mexico) Ex-Stasis Lighting Design
I-Hua Kao (Taiwan) Reenactment Lighting Design/Shortlist
Madeleine Sobota (USA) Pedro Paramo Is Dead Lighting Design/Shortlist
Igor Drevalev (Russia) The Tempest Sound Design
Karen Lauke (UK) The Ghost Of Someone Not Yet Drowned Sound Design/Shortlist
Marcelo Pellegrini (Brazil) Strings On Stage: A Compilation Of String Based Compositions For Theatre Sound Design/Shortlist
Tung-Yen Chou (Taiwan) Emptied Memories Interative & New Media
Fereshteh Rostampour (USA) Matrix II Interative & New Media/Shortlist
Yei-Sheng Wang (Taiwan) Water Stains On The Wall Interative & New Media/Shortlist
Ulla Kassius (Sweden) UTOPIA 2012 Performance Design
Ciarán O’Melia (Ireland) Una Santa Oscura,Trade Performance Design/Shortlist
Louise Ann Wilson (UK) Fissure Performance Design/Shortlist
David Shearing (UK) And It All Comes Down To This… Installation Design
Ariane Harrison (USA) Veal (2013), Pharmacophore (2011), Anchises (2010) Installation Design/Shortlist
Jan Strobbe (Belgium) SNOWBALL ('Bolleke Sneeuw') Installation Design/Shortlist
Brad Steinmetz and Tim Lai (USA) The Willow Theatre Temporary Sustainable Theatre


Winner(Country) Production Award
Monica Raya (Mexico) The Skin (set and costume), Rappaccini’s Daughter (set, costume and lighting), Twelfth Night (set and light), Autopsy to a Snowflake (set and costume), and AUTOPSIA (lighting) Outstanding Scenographer
Xing-Lin Liu (China) Tangwan Set Design/Gold
Judit Csanadi (Hungary) Peer Gynt, The Ambitious and The Flighty Set Design/Silver
Dorita Hannah (New Zealand) Aarero Stone and Her Topia Set Design/Silver
Man-Tung Tsang (Hong Kong, China) No End and Ubu Roi Set Design/Honorable Mention
Dorita Hannah (New Zealand) Aarero Stone and Her Topia Costume Design/Gold
Heng-Cheng Lin (Taiwan) Lysistrata and Endgame Costume Design/Gold
Edyta Rzewuska (Mexico) Nezahualcóyotl Costume Design/Silver
Hye-sook Chang (Korea) The Dance of the Four Flying Gods in the Sky Costume Design/Silver
Beto Bruel (Brazil) Not About Love Lighting Design/Gold
Lee-Zen Michael Chien (Taiwan) Like Shadows Lighting Design/Silver
Vinny Jones (Netherlands) tobetonotbe and de Monant Lighting Design/Honorable Mention
Jude Edgard C Balsamo (Phillipines) Amihan Sound Design
Curtis Craig (USA) Pentecost Sound Design
Igor Drevalev (Russia) The Black Monk Sound Design
Gregg R Fisher (UK) Sarajevo Story Sound Design
Elisheba Itoop (USA) Bent Sound Design
Jethro Joaquin (Phillipines) Hamlet Sound Design
Karen Lauke (UK) The Odyssey Sound Design
Richard Malone (USA) Female Transport Sound Design
Matthew Suttor (USA) The Trial of the Cannibal Dog Opera Sound Design
Richard K Thomas (USA) Henry V Sound Design
Bradlee Ward (USA) The Methuselah Tree Sound Design
Claire Windsor (UK) Palace of the End Sound Design
Chien Feng Wu (Taiwan) Love Letters Sound Design


Winner(Country) Production Award
Joe Pino (USA) Bell & Clock: The Dead Media Project Sound Design/Gold
Martin John Gallagher (USA) Fahrenheit 451 Sound Design/Silver
Ross Brown (UK) Bartleby: A Story of Wall Street Sound Design/Bronze
Jorge Ballina (Mexico) Four designs: The Italian Girl, Copenhagen, The Magic Flute, Das Rheingold Set Design/Gold
Roni Toren (Israel) Don Giovanni Set Design/Silver
Gino Gonzales (Philippines) Spolarium Set Design/Bronze
Howard C. Jones (USA) Hedda Gabbler Set Design/Honorable Mention
Mónica Raya (Mexico) Two designs: King Lear, The Marriage of Heaven & Hell Costume Design/Gold
Karin Chiu (Hong Kong) Two designs: Pinocchio, Journey to the West Costume Design/Silver
Snider-Stein (USA) Drowning Costume Design/Bronze
Philippe Amand (Mexico) Two designs: Stones in his Pockets, St. Joan of the Stockyards Lighting Design/Gold
Madeleine Sobota (USA) Three designs: Hamletmachine, Women of Troy, Saint Joan Lighting Design/Silver
Rick Fisher (UK) Wozzeck Lighting Design/Bronze