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WSD2017|No Exit
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers


Omar El-Moutaz Bel'lah

No Exit

Selected Category: Performance Design

Category: Performance Design, Set Design, Alternative, Space Design, Lighting Design

Design Statement

As an artist, I suffer visually on a daily basis through my exposure to the ugliness of the city and the random and frequent constructions around me everywhere, feeling my alienation, and standing alone in the middle of people unconscious to the gravity and hideousness of these shackles of our own creations around us everyday; these chains that remind me of a nightmare that used to wake me up scared when I was just a little kid those strangers standing helpless at the end of our old apartment's corridor, while the walls around them start narrowing, suffocating everything including me. Accordingly, I designed this hell, to be as an incomplete structure in the middle of a cold ugly womb that one may call "residence".
Another scenographic dimension I added to this manifestation, which is the use of multimedia, blending live streaming projection done by the "Hell Keeper" in order to incorporate the viewer with this hell, and to make him/her a dower and not just a recipient.


Omar El-Moutaz Bel'lah

Omar El-Moutaz Bel'lah is an Egyptian versatile artist who graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2003. He obtained his Masters' degree in the History of Art in 2009 and received a Business Administration Diploma from Maastricht School of Management in 2008. Omar also got a Cinema Diploma from the American University in Cairo in 2005 as well as an Economics and Political Science Diploma from Cairo University in 2006.
El-Moutaz Bel'lah established the Egyptian Independent Theatre Troupe "Teatro" in 2003, which is when he ventured into the world of theatre direction. He is known for experimenting often with all physical, visual and vocal forms of art. His work is characterized by tackling abstract human subjects such as death and existence, and the relationship between man, himself and others. Some of his ideas are inspired by the social and political conditions around him, while most of them are inspired by his own dreams and nightmares, which he regards as his main sources of inspiration, hence his statement that he doesn't tell people about his nightmares, rather, he shows them instead.

Email Address: omar.elmoutaz@gmail.com

Theatre Company Teatro Independent Theatre

The Premiere Date of Production 2013-02-13

The Premiere Space of Production Cairo, Egypt.

Author Jean-Paul Sartre

Director/ Choreographer Omar El-Moutaz Bel'lah

Set Designer Omar El-Moutaz Bel'lah

Lighting Designer Omar El-Moutaz Bel'lah

Costume Designer Nermine Said

Sound Designer Omar El-Moutaz Bel'lah

Projection and Multi-Media Designer Omar El-Moutaz Bel'lah

Other Creative Collaborator/s Sarah Khalil
May Nail