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WSD2017|My luxurious 50 sq ft life 我的50呎豪華生活
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers

Hong Kong

Wan Ki Lo, Cheung Lik Hang, Yeung Sau Cheuk Lo

My luxurious 50 sq ft life 我的50呎豪華生活

Selected Category: Set Design

Category: Set Design, Space Design

Design Statement

A multi-media performance featuring the housing problem of Hong Kong, exploring how the life in a 50 sq. ft. "sub-divided units" influences people's interpersonal relationships and family communications. Through installations, live video projections, audio effects, physical performance and interaction with the audience in happenings, the issues of inhuman living condition and the reasons behind the emergence of sub-divided unit are reviewed in the theatre.

The set has centred a 1:1 subdivided unit flat with floor plans layout around the theatre space. There were no fixed audience seatings. Audience 's route are driven by the performers and they could get real close to the set. At the end of the performance, the theatre with the set became and exhibition/installation on its own.

The design has won "the Best Stage Design" at The 24th Hong Kong Drama Awards and "the Best Senography Award" at the The 7th Hong Kong Theatre Libre.


Wan Ki Lo, Cheung Lik Hang, Yeung Sau Cheuk Lo

Cheung Lik Hang, Keith
 worked in the backstage in his early years. He has been involved in plurality of stage production and commercial organizations, and also participated in a variety of design work. Works include: Cinematic Theatre "The Feast" , "My Luxurious 50sqt Life", CM Teers, " Dear Yelena Sergeyevna", "Anything but friendship" , “Stage64"Wang Dan", CD theatre "Dinner with Friend"(1st run & re-run), "The Death of Zukasky", Close-up Magic Show: The Ace Assembly "The Art Of Deception"

Lo Wan Ki, Wiki
 is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong where she received her BA in Architectural Studies. Upon graduation, she worked as an architectural assistant in Hong Kong and London. She received The Donald and Zorka Oenslager Scholarship in Stage Design in 09-10 from the Yale School of Drama MFA Program, major in Stage Design. Her major works included: Cinematic Theatre "Watching You" , "The Feast", "My Luxurious 50sqt Life", heteroglossia "Woyzeck", and she designed for her own theatre company 37°C, including "School of Time" and "Steps".
Besides stage work, she is also co-founder of Ping Che Art Village.

Yeung Sau Cheuk, Ricky
 is a graduate of The University of Hong Kong, Major in Fine Arts and Comparative Literature. He was an active artist in the 80s and 90s. He then turned to become an art teacher for more than 18 years. He retired two years ago, yet he is still very active in teaching the youth and community, hoping to widen the visions for the teens and as a way to build and bring a real civilized society in Hong Kong.

Email Address: wikicheer@gmail.com

Theatre Company Cinematic Theatre

The Premiere Date of Production 2014-04-26

The Premiere Space of Production Kwai Tsing Theatre Blackbox, Hong Kong

Author Carmen Lo Ching Man

Director/ Choreographer Carmen Lo Ching Man

Set Designer Cheung Lik Hang & Lo Wan Ki, Wiki

Lighting Designer Psyche Tsui Yuen Fun & Jose Ho Sai Hung

Costume Designer Nil

Sound Designer Wanson Hong

Projection and Multi-Media Designer Gary Chan Ka Ho & Carmen Lo Ching Man

Other Creative Collaborator/s Nil