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WSD2017|2016 FOCUS DANCE COMPANY 【 Boundless 】
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Emerging Designers


Jui-Hsuan Tseng

2016 FOCUS DANCE COMPANY 【 Boundless 】

Selected Category: Lighting Design

Category: Lighting Design

Design Statement

This product contains 12 different dance programs. I try to spend lots of my time in the rehearsal room to observe the bodies’ details, emotions of dancers and also choreographers. We discussed about the situations and emotions they wanted to express, and through the long working time, I connected those emotions with my life experiences and then extended to the scenes by lighting.
I want to find the unique symbol for every dance, like plight or illusory dream, and I think to build a main structure and develop the changes based on the structure is much more important than putting many lighting cues in a dance program. So I tried more than one way for one dance in the beginning and after few weeks I reviewed the dance and the scenes I imagined again then, and picked up the real good ideas afterward.


Jui-Hsuan Tseng

Born in 1993, Taiwan Pingtung.
Major in Theatrical Lighting Design, Taipei National University of the Arts.
Studied under Professor Chien, Lee-Zen and also worked and studied dance lighting design under teacher Goh Boon Ann. I have been participated in 2016 Internationale Tanzmesse with In-Theatre “Tschüss!! Bunny” and also participated in Shanghai Arts Festival with “Exit”. Lighting Design work : 2016 School of Dance, TNUA , Annual Performance ”Fly, High” 2016 Unlock Plaza “Boy Story&Reborn” in Cloud Gate Theatre, 2016 Focus Dance Company “Boundless”.
Personal Portfolio : http://lilgraylg.wixsite.com/raytseng

Email Address: lilgraylg@gmail.com

Theatre Company Focus Dance Company

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-03-25

The Premiere Space of Production The Dance Theatre of Taipei National University of Arts

Author Kong, He-Ping

Director/ Choreographer Muti-Choreographer (write in Other Creative Collaborator/s )

Set Designer None

Lighting Designer Tseng, Jui-Hsuan

Costume Designer Cheng, Jing-Ying & Liou, Guan-He

Sound Designer None

Projection and Multi-Media Designer None

Other Creative Collaborator/s Choreographer:
Toru Shimazaki
Chen, Guang-Xuan
Huang, Yen-Lin
Lu, Wen-Shan
Lee, Yi-Chi
Chien, Ying-Hsuan
Chang, Tsu-Chi
Hsu, Ting-Wei
Ku, Tien-Chiang
Tseng, Wen Yu
Toru Shimazaki
Administrative Director : Wun ,Huei-Wun
Technical Director:Goh Boon Ann
Lighting Committee:Chien, Lee-Zen
Stage Manager:Li, Jhong-Jhen & Huang ,Yu-Wen
Graphic Photographer:Ku, Sin-Ru
Graphic Designer:Lee, Zi-Da
Video and Photo record:Lin, Tin-Tai