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WSD2017|At Aranya Temple
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers


Heng-Cheng Lin

At Aranya Temple

Selected Category: Costume Design

Category: Costume Design

Design Statement

Chinese classical love story of humanity and demons.
The costume which composed of Chinese splash-ink polishing and consisted of simple charm is matched with the stage design. In design vocabulary, it tries to show that the interaction of the scenery and characters. It showed two things on costume design: bleaching and dyeing of life colors and symbols of mark.
Applied the skill of bleaching and dyeing, and matched with the outline of eastern charm to show the characteristic of characters.
It tries to define two worlds of humanity and demon, just like the inside and outside of Aranya Temple.
By using the polishing skills of layer and pile, it is the addition in order to show the unpredictable style of demons' magic. By using the skills of bleaching and fading, it is like the subtraction in order to show the situations that humanity is tempted by demons and loses energy.

Heng-Cheng Lin

Heng-Cheng Lin is the Professor of costume design and Chairman of Dept. of Fashion Styling and Design Communication; Dean of College of Culture and Creativity, Shih Chien University Kaohsiung Campus TAIWAN, Consultant of TATT( Taiwan Association Theatre Technology).
Gold Award for Costume Design - WSD2009.Seoul, Korea.
His design for Beckett's "Endgame" and "Butterfly Lovers" were selected by an international jury for inclusion in the Gallery Exhibit of World Stage Design 2005 held in Toronto, Canada.
And his design "Bond" - Adaptation of "The Merchant of Venice" and "Cleopatra & Her Fools"-Adaptation of "Antony and Cleopatra", were also selected for the Exhibits of "Costume at the Turn of the Century" 2015 held in Moscow, Russia, and were included in the TATT-TAIWAN Prague Quadrennial exhibits in 2003 and 2007, and the Stage Expo 2010 of USITT in USA. He has designed over one hundred productions nationally and internationally.

Email Address: aldouslin@hotmail.com

Theatre Company Taiwan Bang Zi Opera Company

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-04-09

The Premiere Space of Production Jhihde Hall, Kaohsiung C.K.S. Cultural Center

Author Chien-Kuo Liu

Director/ Choreographer Shi-Ping Yang

Set Designer Po-Lin Lee

Lighting Designer Bin-Ju Yang

Costume Designer Heng-Cheng Lin

Sound Designer Tin-Ying Chang

Projection and Multi-Media Designer Chien-Jun Chen