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WSD2017|Red Demon
1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Professional Designers


Yu Shen Li

Red Demon

Selected Category: Costume Design

Category: Costume Design

Design Statement

For the costume in " Red Demon ", I tried to establish the image of the survivors of Armageddon. I used a lot of rubbish to build the view of the world, such as plastic bags, straws, plastic food containers and broken tires. The survivors lived in a fishing village near the ocean full of plastic garbage, and they believe there is a pure land without pollution across the ocean. I attended to apply the worn-out texture on the costume. For example, leading character’s cloth is made of the shade net used for orchid planting. The details of the cloth present the imagination of lifestyle, for instance, the frequent-soaked cloth covered by the salt deposit and seaweed.


Yu Shen Li

Born in 1983 in Taipei, I started my creations of costume design in theatrical performing art in 2003. My fundamental training comes from two parts: Classic art painting that I learnt in school and costume production and tailoring that I've acquired from my parents' work. Both my parents are custom-made couturiers.
My earliest practice on dimensional structure is paper carving. I realized the concept of paper carving into dimensional tailoring; furthermore, I love to experimentwith all kind of texture which is different from fabric, especially with modern-life waste which we can hardly associate with costume materials, such as plastic bags, PET bottles and scrap metal. The theater stage is the best field to conduct the experiment.
I'd like to focus on atypical issues such as the beauty in ugliness, the left conscience of a sinner, the dirty hidden secret in a saint's heart, etc. Reinterpreting the "viewing vulgar as elegance" aesthetics in the generaldefinition of beauty is what I’m striving for.
Major cooperative troupe:Tainaner Ensemble,Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company,M.O.V.E Theatre,EX-Theatre Asia.

Email Address: stormslop@hotmail.com

Theatre Company EX-Theatre Asia

The Premiere Date of Production 2013-08-16

The Premiere Space of Production Taipei Wellspring Theater


Director/ Choreographer ChongthamJayantaMeetei


Lighting Designer Mohamed FitaHelmi

Costume Designer YU SHEN LI

Sound Designer CHEN,YI-HUI