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1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Emerging Designers


Yue-Tai Tsai, Cheng-Ze Yang, Jin-Yu Lai, Shuang-Yu Wu, Xiao-Min Lu


Selected Category: Performance Design

Category: Performance Design, Costume Design, Space Design

Design Statement

This piece of work was officially performed in the International Design Workshop, Design School, Shue-Te University.
The performers are in a room of cement grey, dressed in white, thus sharply contrasting with all other colors. The roller shutter opens and awakes dormant memories while the indoor and outdoor space echoe with each other. Originated from sensation, the performers make various physical contacts with red pigments, sauces, and powders of all colors, which trail across the white outfits and the cement grey space as a record of the entire performance.
The work is an analogy of inter-personal relations. Visual impacts inspire imagination, leaving room for the viewers’ own interpretation.


Yue-Tai Tsai, Cheng-Ze Yang, Jin-Yu Lai, Shuang-Yu Wu, Xiao-Min Lu

Yue-Tai Tsai studied interior design with a second major in performing arts at SHU-TE University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. His design spans across visual design, lighting design of exhibition, exhibition production, space device, curatorial, and site-specific performance. His experience at school covered theater design and technical work. The former ranged from musical concert, dance, to drama, while the latter encompassed set design, lighting design, and performance design. He was also committed to the study of theater architecture design as his graduation project.

Email Address: bo0912013792@gmail.com

Theatre Company Shu-Tu University College of Design

The Premiere Date of Production 2015-12-06

The Premiere Space of Production The Pier-2 Art Center , Dayi Area

Author Yue-Tai Tsai ,Cheng-Ze Yang , Jin-Yu Lai , Shuang-Yu Wu ,Xiao-Min Lu

Director/ Choreographer Craig Quintero (Instuctor) ,Yue-Tai Tsai ,Cheng-Ze Yang , Jin-Yu Lai , Shuang-Yu Wu ,Xiao-Min

Set Designer Yue-Tai Tsai ,Cheng-Ze Yang , Jin-Yu Lai , Shuang-Yu Wu ,Xiao-Min Lu

Lighting Designer Yue-Tai Tsai ,Cheng-Ze Yang , Jin-Yu Lai , Shuang-Yu Wu ,Xiao-Min Lu

Costume Designer Yue-Tai Tsai

Sound Designer Yue-Tai Tsai (Vocal coach & design)

Other Creative Collaborator/s Curator:
Wei-Jiu Wang , Wei Peng-Lien

Performers and Designers:
Yue-Tai Tsai ,Cheng-Ze Yang , Jin-Yu Lai , Shuang-Yu Wu ,Xiao-Min Lu

Makeup Designer:
Yue-Tai Tsai , Jin-Yu Lai

Video Clipping and Editing:
Lien Wei Peng
Yu-Min Liu , Jing-Sheng Hu , Qiao-Yi Zheng , Jia-Xu Lee , Si-Chi Lai , Yue-Sen Liao , Wei-De Wang , Yu-Zhen Huang , Chong-Ying Huang , Song-Qing Chen

(The production during the international design workshop , Design School, Shu-Te University,2015 .