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1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Emerging Designers


Guan-Lin Chen


Selected Category: Lighting Design

Category: Lighting Design

Design Statement

Human emotion is always affected by the sense of time, so I make transitions with mood of scene, such as keeping the light not to be changed for a long period of time to create an atmosphere of armageddon, lengthening the fade-out time to enhance the finish taste of the scene. Sometimes light let the audience be aware that the real time exists.
My lighting design concepts have two parts. One is we use the trait of white floor to define scenes clearly by each color temperature. The other one is Visual Planarity. I used front and low light to make the actors and objects look flat. They create a image which is like a collage on a black paper without depth of field. It can transit the visual image from 3-dimension to 2-dimension, like photographic works can stop time and seize the moment at the end of world.


Guan-Lin Chen

Now attending the Master program of Dept. Theatrical Design & Technology in TNUA (Taipei National University of Arts), I major in lighting design. My main field in theatrical designs include set, light and scenographer. In recent years I have cooperated with director Lee, Ming-Chen (Style Lab), Flying Group, and Body Phase Studio.
My lighting concepts usually based on human perception of time and space from actor, music, sound and emotion of the production. Time of lighting transition is the most important thing for me to design a piece.
In my piece of this production, #(hashtag), the long transition of light fading were used to avoid the lighting interruption for performing. Through this way, it can eliminate audiences’ perception of lighting changes unconsciously in the way of long-time transitions. In the recent show Intermezzo, I tried to make a transformation of space through the different natures between theatre fixture and fluorescent lamp. Making an ambiguity of space through cut in/out or long fading, I aimed to blur the lines between different realities set in the piece.

Email Address: dobe0308@gmail.com

Theatre Company Creative Society

The Premiere Date of Production 2016-04-01

The Premiere Space of Production Wellspring Theater

Author WEI, YU-JIA

Director/ Choreographer LEE, MING-CHEN

Set Designer CHEN, JIA-WEI

Lighting Designer CHEN,GUAN-LIN

Costume Designer LEE, YU-SENG

Sound Designer HUANG, CHI-HUI