1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
An extraordinary festival of performance design, including exhibitions, performances
and diverse events,attracted over 15,000 visitors from 71 countries.


Ticketing Information

08 May, 2017


WSD2017 Scenofest tickets will be sold through online ticketing platform Accupass. You will receive your e-ticket(s) after your online booking has been processed successfully. At the entrance of the venue, our staff will scan the QR Code on your e-ticket. Please either show it on your mobile or print it out. In case of the unstable internet in the avenue. Please print out or download your e-ticket in mobile device in advance.

Ticket Price

Performances: TWD 400
Other events: TWD 0〜2000
All ticket prices are listed on the individual event pages. 

Early Bird Discount (Performances Only)

From May 10 to June 10, you may enjoy a 20% discount on tickets to Scenofest performances.

Tickets for Patrons with Disabilities

Half-price tickets are available to disabled patrons for all performance. People with disabilities and their caregiver (one person only) are entitled to 50% off the ticket price. Valid ID must be presented when purchasing and entering the venue.

For questions with regards to venue's environment, or to consult staff with regards to purchasing tickets, please contact us at +886-2-2892-1709 or info@wsd2017.com.
※Ticket availability is limited, sold while supplies last.

How to Buy Tickets?

On each individual event page of WSD2017 website, click on the “Get Ticket” button to go directly to the relevant Accupass page. Or go to WSD2017 Host Page on Accupass to see all the Scenofest events which are on sale.

Step 1:

Sign up and log in Accupass.

Step 2:

Choose an event and go to relevant Accupass page. Select your quantity and click “Register Now”.

Step 3:

Follow the online instructions to complete your registration. When the registration is successful, Accupass will send e-ticket(s) to your registered Email.

■  Paid Events
Please complete your payment in 2 days to ensure your reservation. Overdue order will be automatically cancelled by the system.

■  Free Events

How to Pay?

Overseas Audience: All Pay and LINE Pay.
Local Audience: All Pay, LINE Pay, FamiPort Code(FamilyMart),and ATM. 

■  All Pay
Accepts VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and UnionPay cards. 

■  LINE Pay
LINE Pay is a mobile payment service for credit cards. To use the service, first become a registered user of LINE Pay, then complete the credit card registration and set the seven-digit LINE Pay password. The service will be immediately available. (LINE Pay support iPhone, Android 4.8 and above.)

■  FamiPort Code (FamilyMart in Taiwan)
Please go to any FamilyMart store in Taiwan to pay by the FamiPort. 

■  ATM (only accepts card issued in Taiwan; overseas remittance not accepted.)
Accupass provides a virtual account for your ATM cash transfer payment. Some banks may charge you transfer service fees. Please contact your bank for details.

How to download E-Ticket?

1. Accupass official website

Step 1: Log in and Select “My Tickets”

Step 2: Click “Detail” and download your e-ticket

2. Email

When your booking has been processed successfully, Accupass will send the e-ticket as a PDF attachment to your registered Email.

3. APP

Download Accupass app. Log in and select “My Tickets” to view your e-ticket(s).

4. Text Message (Paid events only)

Accupass will send a download link to your registered mobile phone number. Please click the link to view and save your e-ticekt.

Exchange and Refund

■  The register should login Accupass to apply for the ticket refund. 
■  According to Accupass Refund Rule, the refund should be applied at least 8 days before the start time of the ticket valid date and a processing fee will be charged at 10% of the amount of the ticket. Late applications will not be accepted.
■  If the event was cancelled or postponed, please contact the host and request the ticket refund.
■  Change of tickets will be processed as “refund”. Please follow the refund rules above.

WSD2017 reserves the right to make final decisions. If you experience any problems with online booking, please contact Accupass Customer Service at service@accupass.com.



WSD2017指定使用Accupass活動通網路訂票系統,並統一採用QR code電子票券驗票入場,為節省您的寶貴時間,避免活動現場網路連線不穩定下載不易,建議您事先將電子票券列印或下載於手機、平板等智慧型裝置中,以便至活動現場出示驗票。








每檔演出及活動的各別介紹網頁中皆設有「Get Ticket按鈕,點選後將連至該節目購票頁面,或可至WSD2017的Accupass主辦單位頁,點選您想訂購的演出與活動。






付費活動:2日內完成付款後即可取得電子票券(QR code),若逾期付款該筆訂單將會失效,請重新訂票。
免費活動:於報名完成後即可取得電子票券(QR code)。


國外觀眾:建議選用信用卡(歐付寶All Pay)、LINE Pay付款。
國內觀眾:信用卡(歐付寶All Pay)、LINE Pay、超商或ATM轉帳虛擬帳號。


1. 電腦版網頁取票:



2. E-mail取票


3. APP取票

下載Accupass APP,登入後點選「我的票券」即可查看、顯示活動點字票券。


4. 簡訊取票(僅供付費活動)

付款成功後,Accupass會以簡訊發送電子票券(QR code)至您填寫的手機號碼,請點按網址顯示票券。


■  請登入Accupass辦理退票申請,退票將酌收票價10%的手續費用。
■  請於票券有效日開始8天前(票券效期開始日期起算)辦理申請,逾期恕不受理。
■  請參考點閱退款相關說明進行退票申請。如遇活動取消或延期,退票相關事宜請洽主辦單位。
■  換票視同退票,若需更換場次請依上述退票方式辦理。


WSD2017 Official Recap Video

08 November, 2017

World Stage Design 2017, which closed on July 9, has attracted 15,000+ attendees from 71 countries around the world. Let’s recall the time we had in Taipei and look forward the next WSD in 2021!

Thank you for your participation in WSD2017

01 August, 2017

Thank you for your participation. Let’s recall the dates and events of WSD2017 in Taipei. And we are looking forward to seeing each other again in WSD2021!

WSD2017 Digital Program Book

15 July, 2017

World Stage Design 2017 Program Book is online!

Award list of WSD2017

06 July, 2017

All the selected works are highly valued by the visitors and Award Jury. Awards announced in the Award Ceremony of July 5th, there are 12 Gold, 12 Silver and 13 Bronze.