1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
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Zuò Zuò Tea House《坐坐茶室》

CO-COISM 明日和合製作所

July 7|Fri|18:00-20:00
July 8|Sat|18:00-20:00
Atrium of Theatre and Dance Building


Free 免費觀賞

“Zuò Zuò Tea House” is an inter-active performance, a live exhibition and also a site-specific work. Digging into the history of the red-light district, all sorts of interactions were no more than psychological reflections in satisfying personal desires.
The idea of this project comes from the eternal topic: everyone is eager to love and to be loved, and then referring to the contemporary social phenomenon of dating websites and mobile Apps. Therefore, a dating platform which provides love is created. This project is also inspired by some Taiwanese style "tea houses" being used as a metaphor for local brothels. Actors and actresses wait for their guests in this tea house. Audience members pick a red string randomly.
Like a support centre for souls in the city or a station for everybody in the world, Zuò Zuò Tea House reveals the same feelings we share. In this "dating" activity, will we provoke audiences' expectations and desires for it? This performance will be delivered in the form of "immersive theatre", where audience and performers take their roles together in revealing the solitude and secret in.
坐坐茶室由當代速食戀愛現況「網路交友或尋愛App」為靈感,發展而成的「即興互動劇場 (Interactive Theatre) / 行為藝術 (Performing Art) 」,以抽紅線即興表演者與觀眾配對概念,五分鐘,一首歌,一場相遇的邂逅,完成立體現場溫柔鄉平台。
首次發表此作品是在2015年底,於台北華山文化園區的藝術自由日,2016年受新板藝廊邀請展出,和2017年參與澳門城市藝穗節演出。此次將稍稍擴大演出,以沉浸式劇場 (Immersive Theatre) 的方式演出,帶領觀眾「浸」入此「約會行動」;觀眾限定,以一對一方式進行互動,模糊觀看者與表演者之關係,猶如一同扮演成角色,走入或窺探都市叢林的一隅孤寂。

Production 演出與製作團隊

Co-coism is a multi-creator collective. The company was founded in 2016 by Hung Chien-Han, Chang Kang-Hua, and Huang Ding-Yun. The core concept is cooperative/devised theatre perusing for horizontal consensus/deliberation, aiming to Live Exhibition, Responding Creation, New Media, Scenagraphy, Immersive Project, and Activism. We are planning to collaborate co-artists who have different background on the development and production.
Tseng Shih-Yi
An actor and free lancer. Performing experiences include: Zuo Zuo Tea House (Taipei Free Art Fair in 2015) that the project won the Critics' Choice Award for best performance ,and it was invited by Macao City Fringe Festival in 2017. Solo performance Still Air won the best play of Taipei Fringe Festival in 2016 and be nominated for TaiShin Arts Award in 2016.
Creators: Hung Chien-Han, Tseng Shih-Yi 創作者:洪千涵、曾士益
Choreography: Su Pin-Wen 動作設計:蘇品文
Scenery Design: Cheng Hsuan-Hsun 空間設計:鄭烜勛
Lighting Design: Wang Fang-Ning 燈光設計:王芳寧
Graphic Design: Anderson Hong 平面設計:洪振峰
Photography: Anderson Hong, Tsai Yi-Yu 攝影:洪振峰、蔡宜豫
Video: Tsai Yi-Yu 概念影片:蔡宜豫
Performers: Tseng Shih-Yi, Hung Chien-Han, Su Pin-Wen, Chung Pin-Chiao, Chang Ting-Wei, Wu Hsiao-Hsuan, Ma Wei-Yuan, Cheng Hsuan-Hsun, Yu Chen-Rong,  Feng Chi-Chun,Kang Ya-Ting, Fan Yi,  Li An-Chi,  Liu Yao-Hsuan 表演者:曾士益、洪千涵、蘇品文、鍾品喬、張庭瑋、鄔曉萱、馬維元、鄭烜勛、余承蓉、馮琪鈞康雅婷范頤李安琪劉曜瑄
Producer Team: Co-coism 監製團隊:明日和合製作所

Photo Credit: Anderson Hong 洪振峰

Duration 長度

120 mins per day (15 mins per session)

Language 語言

In Mandarin and English without surtitles.

Special Notes 注意事項

Performed without intermission.

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