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United States of America

Shadow Tender《溫柔的陰影》

Natalya Kolosowsky (in collaboration with Aurelia Cohen, Sophia Constance, and Maria Thomas)

July 7|Fri|19:30
July 8|Sat|11:00
T305, School of Theatre Arts
戲劇學院 T305


TWD 400


Shadow Tender is a piece by Natalya Kolosowsky (in collaboration with Aurelia Cohen, Sophia Constance, Magdalena Kaczmarska and Maria Thomas)
The Jungian Shadow lays curled up in the darkness of the fictional mind-body split, in the chasm that we tell ourselves separates our “civilized,” “rational” selves from the “primitive,” “uncultured” aspects of our being. Within this darkness dwells the “other”: the deep trauma and shame of the colonized and the colonizer; the oppressed and the oppressor. The body knows these secrets – blood and sinew cannot be fooled, cannot be made to ignore these aspects of the self.
Shadow Tender looks at the psychological mechanisms of demonization and dehumanization through the language of the Jungian Shadow, physical performance, costume, and biofeedback technology. The piece draws on an extensive range of conceptual research (from medieval alchemy to contemporary neuroscience) as well as a broad variety of movement styles (ballet, butoh, circus, and martial arts.) Shadow Tender is about learning to breathe with the full self – untangling the twisted muscle and locked joints, holding monsters close and tight, offering compassion instead of fear, rejection, or judgment.

Production 演出與製作團隊

Natalya Kolosowsky is a Russian-American director, performer, and visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. Coming from a strong background in dance, physical theater, and circus arts, her research focuses on how meaning is constructed when costume intersects the body in motion. Kolosowsky’s work has been presented at a variety of venues in the USA and abroad, including the Museum of American Illustration, WSD 2013, PQ 2015, and the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum in Moscow. She holds a BFA in Illustration and a BS in Psychology from the University of Arizona, as well as an MFA in Costume Design from the University of Oregon.

Director/ Lead Designer/ Performer: Natalya Kolosowsky
Assistant Director/ Production Assistant: Aurelia Cohen
Assistant Costume Designer/ Head of Costume Production: Sophia Constance
Sound designer: Adam Cooper-Terán
Choreographer/ Performer:
Maria Thomas, Magda Kaczmarska


Series Event 同場加映

July 6|Thu|14:00-18:00
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Photo Credit: Natalya Kolosowsky

Duration 長度

40 mins

Language 語言

In English without surtitles. But the entire show only contains a few lines.

Special Notes 注意事項

  The age guidance for this production is 18+.
  Performed without intermission.

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