1-9 July.Taipei, Taiwan
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The Theatre Practice

July 3|Mon|20:00 (Q&A)
July 4|Tue|15:00
Man Fei Theatre


TWD 400


In a strange and isolated room, a girl is reacquainted with confounding details about her past. Her story is ambiguous. Yet, the room insists that something traumatic had happened to her. -is surreal fever dream, or nightmare is the site of post-trauma. “Blank Run” is a viscerally arresting investigation of memory. It is a memory landscape combining video installation, soundscape, physical theatre and multilingual text in its multisensory storytelling. It is a jigsaw puzzle, with each element constructing its own version of "what really happened".
在一個陌生而孤立的房間裡,女孩重新審視記憶中,有關她過去的混亂細節。她的故事很含糊。然而,這房間卻堅持女孩有過一段創傷經歷。 _是離奇的噩夢,還是噩夢就是經歷創傷後的所在地。 「空轉」是一段驚心動魄的記憶搜索 。在一段多重感官的故事敘述過程中,《空轉》是一個結合了視頻設備、音效、形體劇場及多語文字的記憶場所。它是一個拼圖,每個元素都構建著各自版本的「究竟發生了什麼」。

Production 演出與製作團隊

The Theatre Practice (TTP) is a professional bilingual theatre group in Singapore, founded by theatre doyen Kuo Pao Kun and dancer/choreographer Goh Lay Kuan in 1965.
Over the years, TTP continues to dedicate itself to critique life objectively; to entertain the audience respectfully; to explore new frontiers in art unceasingly through its strong repertoire of local productions and overseas works.
As a bilingual theatre group in Singapore, TTP strives to embrace the diversities of the local multicultural landscape, bringing you theatrical works which are entertaining, original and thought-provoking.

Story concept: Gloria Ang Xiao Teng, Zoea Tania Chen Jinyan, Kuo Jian Hong

Director/Set/Lighting Designer: Kuo Jian Hong 導演/舞台、燈光設計:郭践红
Performer: Gloria Ang Xiao Teng 演員:洪小婷
Projection Designer: Genevieve Peck 投影設計師:白静怡
Sound Designer: Sandra Tay 音響設計:郑吉钦
Movement Director: Ming Poon 肢體指導:潘偉明
Filmmaker: Sam Nai 影片製作:Sam Nai
Technical Director: Lee Bee Bee 技術總監:李美美
Stage Manager: Eng Sze Kee 舞台監督:黄诗淇
Stage Crew: Zoea Tania Chen Jinyan, Michelle Tan 後台人員:陈锦嫣、陈伊琳
Tour Coordinator: Pang Jia Min 巡演協調員:冯佳敏

Supported by 058-Logo

Photo Credit: The Theatre Practice

Duration 長度

50 mins

Language 語言

In Mandarin without surtitles. But the entire show only contains a few lines.

Special Notes 注意事項

Performed without intermission.

Strobe lights will be used during the performance



Gregor Glogowski / Benjamin Hoesch / Alisa M. Hecke
Echo Walk《回聲之旅》
Studio LOKA
Farewell, Dead Clowns《再見,死小丑》
Academia de Palhaços
Shadow Tender《溫柔的陰影》
Natalya Kolosowsky (in collaboration with Aurelia Cohen, Sophia Constance, and Maria Thomas)
United States of America