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Talk & Workshop

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Workshop|The Performance of Materiality

Gregor Glogowski, Alisa Hecke, Benjamin Hoesch

July 6|Thu|14:00-18:00
TD109, Theatre and Dance Building
戲舞大樓 TD109


TWD 500


In this workshop we will work on the possibilities of a theatre of materiality. Together we will investigate objects, equipment and material found on the stage, and see how they can perform and attract our attention. Another focus will be the potentialities of architectual space of the theatre.
We will approach our topics very practically through try outs. How can objects/materials become alive and how can they haunt the space? How can the space itself become a moving/sounding and acting entity?


Gregor Glogowski/Alisa Hecke/Benjamin Hoesch
Gregor Glogowski, Alisa M. Hecke and Benjamin Hoesch came together at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, Germany where overlapping scientific and artistic reasearch motivated their project-based work. In their work they combine elements of Performance, Sound-Art and space-based Installation. Their first work FLIMMERSKOTOM toured in Germany and was invited to the Körber Studio for Young Directors in Hamburg 2015, the Radikal Jung Festival in Munich 2016 and the TONLAGEN Festival in Dresden 2016. Furthermore, they curated and organized the DISKURS - Festival on Spatial Arts 2015 in Giessen.


Series Event 同場加映

July 5|Wed|15:00
July 5|Wed|17:00
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Photo Credit: Gregor Glogowski / Benjamin Hoesch / Alisa M. Hecke

Duration 長度

4 Hours

Language 語言

In English without translation

Special Notes 注意事項

*Participants should have a general knowledge of stage techniques. 
*Should have seen the show.

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