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Taipei / Taiwan

Traveling Tips to Taiwan During WSD2017

20 April, 2017

World Stage Design 2017 will take place on the campus of Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) between July 1st to 9th. There are some traveling tips for your reference, please find the following info for planning your WSD2017 trip.

Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA,國立臺北藝術大學)

Address:1 Hsueh-Yuan Rd., Peitou District, Taipei 11201, Taiwan(R.O.C.) / 11201臺北市北投區學園路1號


How to go to TNUA from the airport?

  • From Taoyuan International Airport(TPE,桃園國際機場) to TNUA:

Option 1 : by MRT

Taking Taoyuan Metro to Taipei Main Station, then transfer Tamsui-Xingtyi(淡水信義) Line of Taipei Metro to Guandu (關渡)Station. It takes about one and half hour and costs 200 NTD from the airport to Guandu Station. We will arrange shuttle bus between Guandu Station and TNUA.

Option 2 : by Taxi

Taking Taxi directly from the airport to TNUA takes about one hour and costs about 1,200-1,500 NTD.

Option 3: by Bus

Taking Kamalan bus 1356B from the airport to Yuanshan(圓山) Bus Station then transfer Tamsui-Xingtyi(淡水信義) Line of Taipei Metro to Guandu(關渡)Station. We will arrange shuttle bus between Guandu Station and TNUA. It takes about two hours and cost 200 NTD.


  • From Taipei Songshan Airport(TSA,台北松山機場) to TNUA:

Option 1: by MRT

Taking MRT Wenhu(文湖) Line from Songshan Airport(松山機場) Station to Daan(大安) Station then transfer Tamsui-Xingtyi(淡水-信義) Line to Guandu(關渡) Station. We will arrange shuttle bus between Guandu Station and TNUA. It takes about one hours and costs 45 NTD.

Option 2: by Taxi

Taking Taxi directly from the airport to TNUA takes about 30 mintues and costs about 600 NTD.


More information, please visit:

Taoyuan International Airport(TPE): http://www.taoyuan-airport.com/english

Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) : http://www.tsa.gov.tw/tsa/en/home.aspx


Public Transportation in Taipei City : Taipei Metro(臺北捷運)

Taking Taipei Metro(MRT) would be the most convenient and economic way to explore Taipei. More information about Taipei Metro : http://english.metro.taipei/


Using EasyCard(悠遊卡)

EasyCard is a 'touch-and-go' IC ticketing system for the Taipei Metro, bus services, designated car parks, stores and government agencies. Just pass the card over the sensor area to make a transaction, avoiding hassles with finding correct change. As value can be added to the card at any time, there is no need to repeatedly purchasing new cards. An EasyCard can be used for years and its ultimate aim is to allow people to travel throughout Taiwan with only one card. Easycard Sales and Add Value Machine in all Taipei Metro Stations. Adult card cost NT$100 and consists of NT$100 deposit. Disposable value must be added to the card before use.


More information about EasyCard : http://www.easycard.com.tw/english/index.asp


Climate & Clothing

Taipei has a subtropical climate that could be a bit hot in summer. The average temperature during July is 30 degrees centigrade (86 degrees F). There are occasional thunderstorms during the afternoon, an umbrella would be useful to keep you away from rains and direct sunlight.



Taiwan's unit of currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NTD,新臺幣). Foreign currencies can be exchanged at airports, banks and hotels.
USD:NTD = 1:32 (approximately)
EUR:NTD = 1:33 (approximately)
(The update date was on March 20 of 2017)


Electricity & Water


The electrical current in Taiwan is 110 volts; 60 cycles; AC. Drinking water from tap is not recommended.



It is not necessary to give tips in Taiwan, service charges and taxes are included in your cost.



Overseas Calls

The overseas operator may be reached by dialing 100. To make direct international calls, dial 002 or 009 or 006 before the relevant country code.


City Pay Phones

The rate for public pay phones is NT$1 (US$0.03) for three minutes. Domestic long distance calls are charged at approximately NT$10 (US$0.30) for three minutes. You can also buy pre-paid telephone cards for greater convenience from NT$100 (US$3).


Pre-paid Card

15 Day Pass NT$700-1,000 (including 15 days unlimited data usage and Wi-Fi Internet access), which is available in Taiwan Mobile(台灣大哥大) and Chunghwa Telecom(中華電信).

Logo_Taiwan Mobile    logo_Chunghwa Telecom


ibon mobile

5 Days pass NT$399 (including 5 days Wi-Fi Internet access and 50 NTD telecommunication credit), available in 7-11.


Food & Drink

taipei0907-4 taipei0907-1
(Photos provided by Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C)

No doubt about it, there’s a lot to love about Taiwanese food, and a lot of it to love. And crickey, do the Taiwanese love food, Taiwanese people tend to dine out often, and hardly known as somber diners. But some of the best food is not found in restaurants but on the street, and gourmands know that some of Asia’s best street food are found in night markets in and around Taiwan’s cities.

A normal meal is around 100 to 400 NTD. Shops and restaurants’ opening hour are normally from 10am–10pm. And night markets open from late afternoon to around midnight.


Night Market(夜市)

Unlike typical markets, Taiwanese night markets feature a mixture of individual stalls hawking Taiwanese delicacies, clothing, consumer goods, and specialty drinks. It usually occupies either sidewalks adjacent to streets or entire streets that are normal thoroughfares by day. As night market being an unique and local cultural characteristic of Taiwan, here are some recommendations.

Ning-Xia Night Market(寧夏夜市)— where locals go

Transportation: take Taipei Metro red line to Shuanglien(雙連) Station, exit 1. Turn left to Mingshen West Road and walk about 15 minutes.

Shi-Lin Night Market(士林夜市)— biggest tourist attraction

Transportation: take Taipei Metro red line to Jiantan(劍潭) Station, exit 1.

Rao-He Night Market(饒河夜市)— most diverse street

Transportation: take Taipei Metro green line to Songshan(松山) Station, exit 1.

Huaxi Street Night Market(華西街觀光夜市)

Transportation: take Taipei Metro green line to Longshan Temple(龍山寺) Station, exit 1


Convenience Store

taipei0907-6 taipei0907-5

Taiwan 7-Eleven has one of the highest density of 8.5 km² a store in the world. Nearly every corner of a street one can find a 7-Eleven store. Also sells beers, liquor, coffee, micro foods, fruits and snacks, and withdraw money at ATMs . Family Mart(全家) and Hi-Life(萊爾富) also open 24 hours.


Super Market

   logo_全聯   logo_welcome


Pharmacy: Watsons(屈臣氏)/COSMED(康是美)

logo_watsons     logo_cosmed


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20 April, 2017

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Accommodation Information of visiting WSD2017

09 March, 2017

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Getting to Taiwan

21 February, 2017

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